Commissioned Paintings
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I will do a commission if the commissioned work meets the following requirements. It must be either a scene of the desert palm canyons (including at least one prominent palm tree), a close up of a single palm, or a group of palms.

The painting must be at least 3,456 square inches (at least four by six feet).


The charge per square inch is $ 3.10

There is a non-refundable charge of $150.00 for construction and delivery to my studio of the stretcher bars to meet your requirements. This cost is not included in the cost per square inch.

There is a non-refundable charge of $30 for Xeroxed photo images sent to the client in order to arrive at the final image for the painting.

The painting price does not include shipping it to your home or framing the artwork.

Procedure for Exploring the Possibility of a Commission.

If you are or have been a client of A Gallery Fine Art in Palm Desert, please work through Claire Joles at, (760-346-8885). I can not accept commissions directly from clients of the gallery.

You may send me an email describing what you would like to see in a painting and what size you would need. I will send you 8 x11 inch Xeroxed photos (or photo composites), of images I think you would like. Once the image has been chosen we will discuss general coloration. Samples of your favorite colors will be helpful. I will keep these colors in mind while I work on the piece, but the end result may possibly vary from what you expect, as the painting itself will dictate its finish. For this reason you will be free not to buy the finished painting. In this case you will be responsible only for the costs listed above under Pricing, and the cost of shipping the piece to A Gallery Fine Art should you decide not to keep it. You will not pay the price per square inch.

You will be sent a photograph of the finished painting before it is shipped to your home.

Upon purchase of the painting you will receive a photographic record documenting the painting process from beginning to finish.

Before shipment the painting must be paid for.

Within two weeks after receipt of the painting, if you should decide not to keep it, it must be shipped on to A Gallery Fine Art at your expense. It must arrive in undamaged condition. As soon as the Gallery confirms its condition your money will be refunded.