Limited Edition Giclee Prints
of original art by Edith Bergstrom

P.O. Box 126, Palo Alto, CA 94302
Fax 650-324-4596 - Tel 650-322-7256

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An Investment in Fine Art

For your enjoyment the artist has selected watercolors which have been exhibited in national competitions to be reproduced as limited edition prints. Most of these paintings were award winners.

This is the first time Mrs. Bergstrom has published reproductions of her work. Until recently no printing process was able to capture with sufficient fidelity the color harmonies of her originals. The revolutionary giclée process (pronounced gee-clay) utilizes a scanned, computerized digital image of the original with no loss of resolution or color density.

The watercolors are reproduced on either Arches 260 pound or Somerset 365 pound 100% rag watercolor paper. The oil paintings are reproduced on canvas made from natural cotton fibers. The inks are of the highest quality and are coated by an invisible protective finish to block ultraviolet rays.

Each piece is titled, signed, and numbered by the artist.